It should be working now

How does one create a website for someone who is shy, does not like crowds and in some respects socially awkward? Not quite sure but as someone who has been in the IT field over 25 years and built numerous pages for others I figured it was time to put my mark on the infinite wilderness that is the World wide web.

I’m not sure I’m your typical geek because I seriously do not know what a typical geek is. I don’t go to comic cons, I don’t spend a lot of time gaming, I don’t need to spend my last dollar to make sure my phone is the latest and greatest but I do enjoy new technology.

I have built a career on fixing, building and maintaining computers and the systems and services that are associated with them. I installed our company's first network, setup our first modem so we could connect to the few bulletin boards that started to spring up, pre internet and goodness knows how many computers I have built or repaired.

If I'm not at work, I'm in my wood shop, building this that and the other with an affinity for turning pens on my lathe. I'm an avid fisherman spending most of the time on the water fly fishing for Bass, Pike and Carp. Are these character traits for a geek?

I still have a clock on my wall I made from our first 1GB drive; maybe that’s what classifies me as a geek or that I know what 01000111 01100101 01100101 01101011 means.